What we do

Since JobKatif’s founding in August 2005 we have instituted a number of employment-oriented programs. With the assistance of case workers, social workers, psychologists and employment professionals (many originally from Gush Katif), JobKatif instituted a three-pronged program to help Gush Katif residents rekindle hope and navigate their way back to self-sufficiency.

JobKatif case workers meet with individuals to assess employment potential. Three options are made available: (1) employment coaching & counseling. Individuals can take advantage of upwards of 12-14 individual sessions with specially trained mentors to help reassess capabilities and employment potential. Based on the professional assessments and satisfactory completion of this process, individuals may decide to seek immediate employment, register for a professional retraining course, or choose an academic track in one of Israel’s higher education institutions.

(2) vocational retraining courses or/ academic degree track. Individuals are assessed as to retraining possibilities. JobKatif will subsidize approved vocational retraining courses and afterwards help the individual find employment. For those who would prefer to earn an academic degree, JobKatif counselors will provide counseling and advice, helping the individual choose the most appropriate track. JobKatif has also granted academic scholarships.

(3) establishing and/or expanding an already established business. Since 2005 JobKatif has helped establish some 200 businesses. Some are flourishing, while others are on the threshold of success. In the latter case, JobKatif will provide supplemental counseling and coaching with a business consultant. In certain cases, JobKatif will provide business grants and loans.

(4) volunteer programs. JobKatif has created a number of volunteer programs which help strengthen communities and oftentimes lead to employment. In a number of cases, JobKatif will provide incentive salaries.

10 Year Recap

Throughout nearly three decades of settlement, the unemployment rate in Gush Katif never topped 3%. Gush Katif was home to a vibrant, productive and dynamic community which worked to transform a desolate landscape into a paradise. They built homes and businesses, and communities that practiced chesed throughout Israel. Four hundred farmers led the nation in organic farming, bug-free vegetables and hydroponics.

When Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon launched JobKatif in August 2005, fully 85% of the Gush Katif former residents were unemployed.

“I saw that the light in their eyes had gone out and I wanted to rekindle it. I feared that the productive, energetic lives of a large and dedicated populace would be stifled,” Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon

After ten years of hands-on, intensive individualized work
** fully 88% of the population is now employed
** 2,650 people found jobs
** 200 small businesses were established
** more than 200 academic scholarships were awarded to Gush Katif students in Israel’s accredited universities and colleges
** some 600 people attended professional retraining courses, largely subsidized by JobKatif