The Halacha Education Center’s vision is to make the world of Torah and Halacha accessible to all segments of the Jewish people regardless of where they live and to what extent they practice. Our goal is to develop, promote and distribute unique programs and projects geared to deepen Jewish awareness and identity, to enhance the understanding of the world of Torah and Halacha and to position the eternal values of the Jewish people at the core of Jewish life everywhere.

The Halacha Education Center was founded by Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon in 2008.  It is Rav Rimon’s unique approach that constitutes the ideological and practical foundation for the varied programs and projects of the Halacha Education Center.

Today’s younger generation functions in a world of Tablets, iPhones, apps and social media.  They find it difficult to connect the conventional world of books.  Educators face an enormous challenge to break through to the younger generation’s world using the standard approach.  Rav Rimon and his team utilize creative and innovative methodology, igniting one’s imagination and making the subject interesting, exciting and engaging.  Teachers are able to communicate with their students in a way which is easy for them to understand and integrate.

The projects and programs of The Halacha Education Center have been warmly received in Israel and the Diaspora, with great love and excitement as well as a thirst for Torah that seeks to be quenched among adults as much as among youth.

The methods and content are adapted to meet the needs of a generation in the midst of an unprecedented social and technological revolution.

Written by Rav Rimon and his team of talented your Rabbis, the books encompass a wide range of subjects such as: Shabbat, Shmita, Laws for IDF Soldiers, Pesach Haggadah, Birkon (Blessings over food) with Zemirot, and more.
We offer a wide range of subjects in Jewish studies in a creative, innovative way, taking advantage of modern technology.
Materials geared for preparing high school students for matriculation exams in Halacha and other Judaic studies.
 A young team of Rabbis provides fascinating workshops for high school students around the country.  Utilizing special trigger films, drama and other tools, various topics of particular relevance for teenagers are discussed in depth.
This program provides Jewish content to communities throughout Central and South America in Spanish and Portuguese. Rabbinical and lay leaders benefit form the specially-created materials that suit both young and old, the initiated and the uninitiated.
This is an ambitious concept still in its early stages. A park on par with the world’s leading amusement parks, it will convey Jewish content in an enlightening and entertaining fashion.