Parshat Toldot

How Can Jealousy and Hatred be Turned into A Desire for Connection?
Yitzchak dwelled in Gerar (Bereishit 26:6). His father dwelled in this place too, and established a covenant with Avimelech the king of the Philistines (Bereishit 20-21). The events that took place with Avraham are parallel to the events that […]

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Parshat Chaye Sara

Doors Wide Open
Rivka arrives at Sara’s tent (Bereshit 24:67):

(67) “And Yitzchak took her to his mother Sara’s tent, and he took Rivka as a wife, and he loved her, and he was consoled after his mother.”

Rashi writes that Yitzchak saw three things in Rivka that were similarly found in his […]

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Parshat Vayeira

Why does performing acts of kindness give us a positive feeling?
Avraham Avinu is the source of kindness in the world, as stated by the prophet Micha (7:20), “You shall give the truth of Yaakov and the kindness of Avraham”. Avraham Avinu busies himself with welcoming guests that he does not […]

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Parshat Lech Lecha

“Whereby shall I know that I shall inherit it?
In this week’s parsha, the Holy One, blessed be He, informs Avraham that He will give him the land. Avraham then asks (15: 8):

“Whereby shall I know that I shall inherit it?”

Avraham’s words are very challenging. The Gemara (Nedarim 32A) speaks very […]

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Annual Report

Annual Report

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Achotenu – Open Day

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Rav Rimon in Los Angeles

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Judy in Florida

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Rav Rimon in Baltimore

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Yom Kippur

The goal of Yom Kippur is clearly expressed in the following verses in “Acharei Mot” (Leviticus 16, 29-30):

“And shall be as an eternal statute for you; in the seventh month, on the tenth of the month, you shall afflict yourselves, and you shall […]

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