Parshat Vayeshev

Joseph’s Dreams and their Repair
Joseph makes his way in life by means of dreams. His father, Jacob, also embarked on a new path from his father’s home with a dream. This can be seen as an expression of what Chazal have already noted as similarities between Jacob and Joseph, and […]

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Parshat Va’yishlach

A Wounded General
Yaakov fights the angel and succeeds. However, he emerges from the battle with an injury – “…and he limped upon his thigh.” (Genesis 32, 32) Yaakov thoroughly prepared himself for the conflict with Esau. He prepared in three ways: by giving a gift, by praying and by preparing […]

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Parshat Va’yetze

And He Rolled Back the Stone
The Torah describes in detail Yaakov’s meeting with Rachel at the well and the uncovering of the well. Why does the Torah go through the trouble of telling us about it?

It seems the story of Yaakov and Rachel’s first encounter is similar to that of […]

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Parshat Matot

In the Presence of G-d
In our parsha, the tribes of Gad and Reuven approach Moshe and ask to remain on the eastern bank of the Jordan. Moshe’s response is a sharp rebuke. Yet, what was so severe in the request of the people of Gad and Reuven? It is possible […]

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Parshat Pinchas

A Covenant of Peace
Our Parsha opens with Hashem’s promise of His Covenant of Peace to Pinchas (Numbers 25, 10-12): “The Lord spoke to Moses, saying: Pinchas the son of Elazar the son of Aaron the Kohen has turned My anger away from the children of Israel by his zealously avenging […]

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Parshat Balak

The She-Donkey Talks
“And Hashem opened the mouth of the she-donkey, and she said to Bilam, ‘What have I done to you that you should hit me these three times?”

Why does the Torah describe the speech of the she-donkey? The Ramban explains that this is meant to hint to Bilam that […]

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Parshat Chukat

The Sin of Anger
In this week’s Parashat Chukat Moshe Rabbeinu is punished for hitting the rock. The Torah explains that as a consequence of not sanctifying God’s name on this occasion, Moshe and Aharon will not enter the Land of Israel, even though it was fitting to have happened:
Moshe took […]

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Parshat Korach

Dispute and Unity
Parashat Korach teaches us about the dangers of dispute, necessarily guiding us to seek the right approach towards the structure of a group and the structure of a community.

Chazal (Avot 5:15) teach us that although a dispute is a negative thing, when it is done for the sake […]

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Parshat Shlach

Holiness and Nature in the Land of Israel
In this week’s portion, the Torah relates the episode of the Spies and their sin. The leaders of the tribes of Israel, men of great stature, spread an “evil report about the Land” of Israel (Numbers, Chapter 13):

28) However, the people who inhabit […]

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Parshat Behaalotcha

Why Was Miriam Punished?
Miriam speaks lashon hara about Moshe and is punished with tzara’at. One of the main principles of the laws of lashon hara is that it is permitted to say lashon hara for a constructive purpose (thus says Rabbeinu Yona, Shaarei Teshuva 3:221, and others). That is to […]

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