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Annual Report

Annual Report

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Parshat Tetzave

Were Prayers Enacted in Place of the Daily Offerings?
In our Parsha, the perpetual daily sacrifice was described: (Exodus 29, 38) “And this is what you shall offer upon the altar: lambs in their first year, two a day, continually.”

This sacrifice was offered twice each day: once in the morning (until […]

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Achotenu – Open Day

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Parshat Teruma

The Dog Seated Beside the Rabbi
“Speak to the children of Israel, and have them take for Me an offering.” (Exodus 25, 2)
Why does Hashem need any offerings? It is difficult to grasp the concept that Hashem, who is omnipotent, seemingly has a need for an offering from Am Yisrael.
We will […]

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Parshat Mishpatim

“…and they perceived God, and they ate and drank”
At the conclusion of our Parsha, the Torah relates how Moshe, Aharon, Nadav and Avihu, together with 70 elders, ascended to the summit of Mount Sinai, the dwelling place of Hashem: (Exodus 24, 9-11)

“And Moses and Aaron, Nadav and Avihu, and seventy […]

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Rav Rimon in Los Angeles

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Parshat Yitro

Matan Torah – Why Fire?

The Torah describes the fiery nature of Mount Sinai (Exodus 19, 18): “And the entire Mount Sinai smoked because the Lord had descended upon it in fire, and its smoke ascended like the smoke of the kiln, and the entire mountain quaked violently.”

The description of the […]

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Judy in Florida

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Parshat Beshalach

The Partnership Between a Leader and His People
Our Parsha relates that when Moshe would “raise his hand”, “Israel would prevail” over Amalek. (Exodus 17,11) What is the meaning of raising his hand?

Rashi explains the verse “… so he was with his hands in faith until sunset.” (Exodus 17, 12): ” […]

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Parshat Bo

“Pesach Egypt” and “Pesach Lot”
 Am Yisrael eats Matzot on Pesach. Lot also ate Matzot, and our Sages tell us that it was Pesach at the time. (Rashi, Genesis 19, 2) There are many parallels between “Pesach Lot” and “Pesach Egypt”. We won’t delve into them now, but we will attempt […]

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