10 Years Ago…

8,600 Jews were forcibly removed from their homes in Gush Katif.

Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon and a group of volunteers came to help the evacuee families as they were brought to temporary locations.

They quickly realized that while there had been a detailed ‘eviction’ plan there was literally no plan for the day after.

Gush Katif was home to a vibrant, productive and dynamic community with homes, businesses and agricultural enterprises that led the nation in organic farming, bug-free vegetables and hydroponics.

Yet, in one day all of this was destroyed. Unemployed soared from  3% to 85%.

JobKatif was launched in 2005 to help the evacuees re-integrate into the work place.

With no jobs to go to, and no steady source of income many of the evacuees began to feel disheartened and depressed. Many were traumatized.

After ten years of intensive individualized work JobKatif has helped reversed the trend.

Today, fully 88% of former Gush Katif residents are now employed.

But the mission is not yet complete.

Our goal for 2015:

reduce the unemployment rate to 6-7%.  And, to create programs where Gush Katif former residents can once again contribute to Israeli society.

Ten years have passed.  

We can complete the mission.  

Your help will make all the difference.

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